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a compilation of apps, web extensions, and websites that can help you take immediate action for FREE!

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I will only include resources that have statements/proof on how it works!

TIP!: use tab for a cause as your primary chrome extension and in settings, select "ecosia" for your search engine and earn hearts and plant trees at the same time!

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ARAB.ORG: each click you make once a day is a button that is ad-supported, and whatever button you click, it donates money to that specific cause!

BROTHER EARTH: for each click you make once a day, Brother will make a donation of 1 yen (approx 1 cent) to the selected cause! - CURRENTLY DOWN


5 CALLS: find out who your representatives are, click on a topic you're interested in and call them! scripts are provided, in case you need support on what to say!


FREERICE: answer easy multiple choice questions in many different categories! each correct answer will show you an ad that donates the money equivalent to 10 grains of rice!

FREE THE OCEAN: answer the daily trivia question and each correct answer will fund the removal of one piece of plastic from the ocean through Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii!

FREEKIBBLE: answer (right or wrong) for each question and the ad revenue generated when you're playing is used to donate kibble and supplies to animal shelters!

U-DON: play the app's minigame and the money made from ads and app monetisation where each click earns revenue will donate 100% of the profit to a cause of the project's choice (blm at the moment)!


CHARITYMILES: for every mile that you run/bike/walk, corporate sponsors of the app will donate 10¢ for bikers and 25¢ for runners/walkers to the charity of your choosing!

BURN TO GIVE: register your healthy habits and this app will convert them into meals for children and other causes!

SWEATCOIN: an app that converts your steps into currency! while widely used to purchase products (since sweatcoin is working to make itself its own tyoe of currency), you can choose to donate your sweatcoin to charities too!


DONATE A PHOTO by johnson & johnson: donate one photograph a day and each photo will be matched by a donation of $1 to a cause that you choose to support!

FOTITION: participate in campaigns that you care about by completing photo challenges. sponsors match your photos with donations for selected campaign!


THINK DIRTY - SHOP CLEAN: scan the barcode on your products to learn about potentially toxic ingredients in cosmetics and personal care products and also give you cleaner alternatives!

BUYCOTT: join campaigns for causes you care about, scan barcodes of products to learn a products history and make an informed purchase!


ECOSIA: make web searches with this app and chrome extension! every 45 searches plants a tree!

SEARCH FOR A CAUSE: raise money for charities as you search! each search earns you a heart (equivalent to money earned through ad revenue), and as hearts are collected, you can donate hearts to causes!

OCEAN HERO: remove plastic bottles from the ocean as you search! for every five searches, the organization removes a plastic bottle!

TAB FOR A CAUSE: raise money for charities as you open new tabs! each new tab earns you a heart (equivalent to money earned through ad revenue), and as hearts are collected, you can donate hearts to causes!


NATIVE LAND: learn more about your local history and what stolen land that YOU live on! see what territories, languages, treaties, and more are available to research on the app!

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